US tests’ nuclear gravity bomb’ using a stealth F-35 fighter jet

Nevada: – The United States, demonstrating its might with testing of intercontinental and ballistic missiles, since the last few weeks, created a sensation by testing Nuclear Gravity Bomb. The bomb was tested on the F-35 stealth bomber, considered to be the most advanced fighter jet in the world. The US officials are claiming this to be a historic event. Whereas, claims are also being made that these tests being conducted by the United States, over the last few weeks, are a warning to China, who is trying to increase its influence in the Indo-Pacific sector.   

Two days ago, the US air force released two videos for the media. The video shows that the ‘Nuclear Gravity bomb‘, ‘B61-12’ was tested on the Tonopah base in the US state of Nevada. The F-35 super-advanced stealth fighter jet carried out this attack, travelling at supersonic speed, at the height of 10,500 feet. The B61-12 bomb hit the target accurately, within 42 seconds. Nuclear explosives of weight anywhere between half kiloton to 50 kilotons can be carried in the B61-12 bomb.   

With this test, the Nuclear Gravity Bomb, B61-12, is ready for deployment on the F-35 stealth bombers of the US air force. Before this, this bomb has also been successfully tested with F-15E Strike Eagle and B-52 bombers. Both F-15 and B-52 aircraft are subsonic. The US air force pointed out that F-35 is completely stealth and a supersonic fighter jet.   

Only a few days ago, a US warship, sailing in the Pacific region, carried out an exercise to neutralise a ballistic missile. Whereas, the US air force tested the intercontinental missile ‘Minuteman’ in the Hawaiian Islands. In view of the increasing Chinese activities in this marine region, it is being said that the United States has issued a warning to China, with this testing of missiles and bombs in the Indo-Pacific sector.   

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