US Secretary of State warns Taliban

Washington: US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warned ‘Taliban should abide by the peace deal signed on 29th February and stop attacking US citizens in Afghanistan.’ US Secretary of State held talks with Mullah Bardar, the Taliban representative in Qatar, through videoconferencing. Pompeo reminded Bardar of the conditions in the peace deal. A few hours before this conference, 23 people were killed in bomb and mortar attacks in Afghanistan. Taliban and the Afghan military are blaming each other for the attack. At the same time, there are reports that there is a divide in Taliban. Moreover, one of the sections has started this spate of dreadful attacks.   

On 29th February, a peace deal was signed between the United States and Taliban. As per the agreement Taliban had accepted to stop the terror attacks in Afghanistan. But Taliban started bloodshed, within only a few hours of the agreement. Some time back, Taliban had carried out 422 attacks on the Afghan security forces, killing 291 people, in just one week. Even today, the spate of Taliban attacks continues in Afghanistan. Against this background, Pompeo has warned Taliban to abide by the agreement. Taliban should not attack US citizens in Afghanistan. At the same time, it should not allow anyone to use Afghan land. Taliban had accepted in the agreement that the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda will not be allowed to use Afghan land. Secretary of State Pompeo reminded about this clause. Taliban representative, Bardar, assured Pompeo during the conference that Taliban will not attack US citizens. Bardar added that Taliban would not use the Afghan land against any country, including the United States. Meanwhile, the US Special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, is on a visit to Qatar and he will then be visiting Pakistan. Talks regarding Afghanistan will be held during the visit. 

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