US to take Russian support in the conflict against ‘IS’ in Syria

Washington : Post his decision to send marine and army troops in Syria against the ‘IS’ conflict, the US President Donald Trump is now preparing to take Russia’s help in this conflict. The ‘White House’ Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave this information. As per a news report, the US and the Russian army have been camping  in a  city in Syria for the purpose of anti-terrorists operation.

In the beginning of this month, the US President Donald Trump had declared a fight back  against the ‘IS’ and other terrorists organizations. Henceforth, US soldiers will be a part of all the ‘anti-IS’ conflicts, President Trump had announced. He also clarified that for this, US will co-operate with other nations as well.

A few days after President Trump announced this, Pentagon released a new proposal to fight the ‘IS‘ conflict. According to this  new proposal, US would renew deploying its army in Syria and Iraq, and as a part of this, special marine troops would be sent soon. Apart from this, the number of American soldiers already deployed in Syria had been  increased.

In this background, the White House Press Secretary ‘Sean Spicer’ was asked by the reporters if US would seek the support of Russia, which  had already done impressive work in  the Syrian conflict. Spicer in his reply gave indications  that US could  take the help of Russia  in its fight against the ‘IS’. The White House spokesperson also reminded the announcement  made by President Trump of taking  co-operation from other nations in this conflict.

Few hours before his claims were released, Trump’s security advisor committee ruled out the possibility of US seeking Russian co-operation  in the Syrian  conflict. As a result , it was spoken that US and Russia will continue to fight ‘IS’ on independent fronts. However, Spicer by giving information of a possibility of taking Russian support, has indicated that the conflict against Syria could be intensified.

No information has been released by both the countries on which front they would fight together and when will the co-operation actually start. However, as per information released by ‘Pentagon’ headquarters of United States Department of Defense, the troops of both US and Russia have entered ‘Manbij’ city in the northern part of Syria. Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesperson from Pentagon informed that one hundred soldiers from US Army’s ‘Rangers’ a Special Forces Troop have entered Manbij.

Turkey has expressed displeasure over this deployment of ‘Rangers’ by the US. Turkey has been accusing US of providing security to the Kurd rebels by deploying the American Special Forces. The Turkish Prime Minister Binali has warned, that the relations between US and Turkey would strain, if US supported the Kurd rebels whom Turkey has declared terrorists.

However, Capt. Jeff Davis has  informed that the American ‘Rangers’ are deployed in  Manbij city to maintain peace between the Kurdish rebels and the group supporting Turkey. Earlier the Turkish army and the group supporting Turkey, had launched attacks on the Kurdish rebels. Now when Turkey has been objecting to US deployment in Manbij, the Russian military has been providing humanitarian support in Manbij city, it is claimed.

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