China had offered bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan

Virginia: – China had offered funding to the non-state actors in Afghanistan for attacking the US soldiers, deployed there. US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien informed President Trump regarding this. A website in the United States published this information citing confidential reports, but the news could not be verified.  

On the 17th of December, President Trump was given this information regarding the Chinese activities in Afghanistan, orally, during a briefing. It was said that China was rewarding the non-state actors for attacks on US soldiers. The official told this website that the United States was trying to get the details confirming the operations through its intelligence sources.  

Neither the White House nor the Chinese embassy in Washington has reacted on the report posted by the website. But the website pointed out that this revelation has been done when it’s only three weeks for the Trump tenure to end. If this report is found to be accurate, the tension between the United States and China will fester further. There is also a possibility that President Trump will initiate a new action against China before handing over the reins to Joe Biden.   

A few weeks ago, reports of Russia funding the Taliban terrorists to attack US soldiers had surfaced. Russia had dismissed the accusations. But before that, allegations of Iran using the terrorists to target US soldiers also had been made.  

Meanwhile, only a few days ago, it had been exposed that spies from China’s People’s Liberation Army are running a terrorist centre in Afghanistan. The Afghan security agencies had detained at least ten Chinese spies for possession of illegal arms. It was exposed that these Chinese spies had links with the Taliban affiliated Haqqani Network in Pakistan. The Afghan government demanded that China should apologise to the infuriated Afghan population. 

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