UN Human Rights Commission should take stringent action against China, demands ICJ

London – Adish Aggarwala, the President of the International Council for Jurists, demanded ‘China has pushed the world in the ditch of a dangerous crisis to fulfil its ambition of becoming a global superpower. China has committed an unpardonable crime against humanity by hiding the information regarding the pandemic. China must pay extraordinary compensation as a penalty for its deeds.’


The accusations and claims that the Coronavirus pandemic that originated in China, which has played havoc in the entire world, are becoming stronger by the day. The anger of all the countries and the international organisations is erupting against China. The demand made by the President of ICJ, the international organisation of the judges and lawyers, only demonstrates the anger brewing in the common people of the world.

While making serious accusations against China, Aggarwala retorted ‘How did the pandemic remain restricted only to the Wuhan province in China? Why did it not spread to other Chinese provinces? But the pandemic spread in every part of the world. This is a mystery.’ Aggarwala further accused, ‘The Chinese conspiracy was to sink the economies of the other countries in the world through this biological war and acquire the throne of the World Superpower. Therefore, China inordinately delayed sharing the information with the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding the pandemic.’ Aggarwala also accused that China hid a lot of facts about the pandemic to prove it to WHO that this was not a pandemic. It is because of China that the world is sucked into an economic crisis. China is responsible for a large number of people losing their livelihood. The human rights organisation should hold the Chinese government, military and the agencies in Wuhan accountable for the death of 65,000 global citizens and for bringing the global economic engine to a grinding halt. President of the ICJ, Aggarwala, made an insistent demand to the human rights organisation that therefore, an astronomical compensation should be imposed on China to instil a fear not to repeat such acts in the future.

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