US to provide largest ever military aid worth $ 40 billion to Israel: US NSA Susan Rice

Though US is unhappy about Israel’s policy towards Palestine, US is ready to give historical military aid to Israel, said US national security adviser, Susan Rice. But she also appealed that Israel should think seriously upon the two nation policy.

israel susan rice AIPAC newsRecently while addressing the ‘US Jewish Committee Global Forum’, Rice criticized Israel’s Netanyahu government for its policy towards migrants. Rice appealed Israel to stop West Bank’s construction and try to start peace talks with Palestine president Mahmood Abbas.

Rice also indicated that, other than this Israel would get $ 40 billion as a military aid. As compared to the military aid given by US to Israel till date, this is the largest ever, said Obama’s National Security Advisor. It is being seen that though there are conflicts between the Israel-US relationship, these are not going to affect military aid provided by US.