16 countries including India to take part in naval exercise in the Indian Ocean

New Delhi: India has organised ‘MILAN’ Naval Exercise. 16 countries will be participating in this exercise. It is claimed that India will effectively use this exercise to ensure secure marine transport channels. This naval exercise has gained importance in view of the increased Chinese naval activities in the Indian Ocean. On the background of the Maldives crisis, India has created an opportunity to exhibit the strength and effectiveness of its Naval Forces through these exercises, claim experts. 


naval-exerciseA few days ago, six Chinese destroyers had entered the region of Indian Ocean. At present, an emergency has been declared in Maldives and it is claimed to be a threat to its democracy. In such circumstances, India should intervene militarily to depose President Abdulla, who has become a dictator, is the demand. While the people and the leaders of Maldives ask for military intervention, China that firmly supports the current President has issued a warning to India. China has warned India to not disrespect the sovereignty of Maldives by intervening militarily.

Following this, China had despatched its destroyers into the Indian Ocean region which is said to be an attempt to pressurize India. But, India has disregarded this pressure and has increased its naval activities in the Indian Ocean. On this background, India has announced the biennial ‘MILAN’ Naval exercise. The Naval Forces of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Oman and Maldives will be participating in thisexercise. This exercisewill be an excellent platform for Indian navy to demonstrate its capabilities.

India has emphasised the importance of this naval exercise saying that it will increase co-operation and co-ordination between the participating Naval Forces and will help to prevent the illegal activities in the maritimeregion in a better way. India has also claimed that this naval exercise will help in keeping the freedom of marine transport intact. It is being revealed that nations from the Indian Ocean region up to the Pacific Ocean region are jointly preparing to face the Chinese threat.

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has appealed to US President Trump to maintain US dominance in the Indo-Pacific region. There are reports that Australia, the United States, Japan and India are trying to counter Chinese strategies in the Pacific region. On this background, the appeal by the Australian Prime Minister to the US President thus proves to be significant.

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