US deploys Ninja Bombs, capable of precisely hitting the target

Third World WarWashington: The United States has deployed the R9X, also known as the Ninja Bomb, that can accurately attack terrorists avoiding any collateral damage. A leading newspaper reported that leading drones in the US Airforce have been equipped with these bombs. The US officials have claimed that these bombs will make it easy to target the terrorists accurately and will not cause large scale loss of life. It was being complained that there were more civilian lives lost than the terrorists, in the US attacks against the terrorists.

US, ninja bombsThe newspaper reported that the Ninja Bomb is operational in the US defence forces, since the last few years, based on the information given by former and serving defence officials. The Use of the Ninja Bomb is made only under the monitoring of the US intelligence agency CIA or the Defence headquarters Pentagon. These bombs have been used five times in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The US newspaper stated in its report that the US Airforce used this bomb in Yemen, in January, this year. In the year 2000, the Ninja Bomb was used to eliminate Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi, an Al Qaeda terrorist and mastermind of the attack on the USS Cole. In this attack, only Badawi, travelling in a car was killed. The US officials claim that the attack of this bomb Is so accurate that even if anyone else was there in the car with him, the other person would not have been hurt.

Reports had been published of the United States having Ninja Bombs. But the US agencies had never revealed any official information regarding them. But following the action in Yemen and after the photographs of the vehicle Badawi was travelling in, were published all over the world, information regarding the Ninja Bombs was revealed.

Hellfire missiles are installed on the drones, used in counter-terrorism activities in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The R9X or Ninja bombs are manufactured on the same lines, as the Hellfire Missiles. Like the Hellfire missiles, the lasers in the front part of the Ninja Bombs are connected to the drones. Once the enemy or the terrorist have been identified, the bomb is launched. There are large, sharp blades, weighing 100 pounds, are attached to the tip of the Ninja Bomb.

Once the bomb reaches the target, the blades are released from the bomb and hit the target. It is claimed that the sharp blades released by the Ninja Bomb can pierce through a building wall or can tear through the top of a car.

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