United States to deploy Marines in East Asia to counter China’s aggression

Washington / Guam: The United States has indicated increased military deployment, in view of, the aggressive Chinese movements in the ‘South China Sea’, possible attempts for deployment in the Pacific region and increasing interference in the Indian Ocean region. The ‘Wall Street Journal’ daily claimed that the US Defence department has informed about the deployment of ‘Marine Corps’ in East Asia, soon. ‘Marine Corps’ is known as the most equipped, aggressive and advanced military unit in the United States.

us, marine, east asia, chinaThe Chief Commandant of the ‘Marine Corps’, General Robert Neller, confirmed the discussion about the deployment of the unit. ‘National Defence policy and the other guiding policies demand the activation of our unit at the international level. Our deployment in the Indo-Pacific region and the future naval movements will be decided through this. General Neller said ‘The Marines unit has permission for all campaigns so it will be able to carry out surveillance in the area and also participate in the training exercises with the partner countries’. Saying that the process of evaluating the deployment of the Marines throughout the globe is continually on, Spokesperson of the US Defense department, Marine Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Logan, hinted at the considerations for new deployment. The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps. Gen. Joseph Dunford, who is currently on his Asia tour, has also indicated increased deployment in Asia. The ‘United States has its interests in Asia which we are committed to protect and that calls for a prolonged Asian presence’ said General Dunford.

The ‘Expeditionary Unit’ of the ‘Marine Corps’ is known as the most equipped units of the US military. They independently have ‘Amphibious assault ships’, fighter jets, tanks and exclusive ammunition and other equipment. There are seven ‘Expeditionary Units’ active in the US military and one of them is deployed in Japan. The indications are that a new ‘Expeditionary Unit’ is to be deployed in Australia which will include about 2200 Marines.

As of now, there are about 90,000 US troops deployed in Japan, South Korea, and Australia in the Asia-Pacific region which includes the ‘Guam’ defence base. 50,000 troops out of these are deployed in Japan. There are about 29,500 in South Korea, 7000 in Guam and 1500 are deployed in Australia.

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