US should ‘correct mistake’ of passing Taiwan Travel Act, urges China

Beijing: ‘The United States should ‘correct its mistake’ of passing the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’. This has given the wrong message to the people demanding independence for Taiwan. China vehemently opposes this,’ warned Lu Kang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. The Chinese internal security, the Ministry of State Security (MSS) also has alleged that this decision of the United States about Taiwan amounts to interference in the internal matters of China.

us, donald trum, taiwan travel act, china, xi jinpingUS President Donald Trump has signed the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ bill and turned it into a law. Armed with this law, the US officials and leaders can freely meet their Taiwanese counterparts. The meetings between the US and Taiwanese leaders and officials were being held even in the past. But being aware that China will have strong objections, the US had avoided giving any specific importance to the US-Taiwan ties.

All this will change due to the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ and the ties between the US and Taiwan will become stronger. As per the expectations, China has reacted on the matter and as it considers Taiwan to be its integral part, has warned the US about this. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has demanded that the US should correct its mistake. While talking about the matter, Lu Kang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that this US decision has shaken up the relations between the two countries. The Chinese Defence Ministry also has criticised the United States on the decision and has asked it to honour the promises it has made to China in the past.

China has adopted the ‘One China Policy’ and Taiwan is considered to be a part of it. Wu Qian, the Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson reminded the US that it had accepted this Chinese policy. Qian said that, ‘Keeping this in mind, the United States should not try to improve its relations with Taiwan and supply military aid to it. Also, he warned that such attempts by the United States will amount to interference in the internal matters of China.

The timing chosen by the US President for signing the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ has drawn the attention of the experts. Chinese President Xi Jinping has resumed his second term and the time limit for his Presidency has been removed. Therefore, he can remain the Chinese president for life. At the same time, Jinping also holds the reins of the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Armed Forces which was endorsed by the Chinese Parliament on Saturday. Therefore, Jinping is being looked upon as the only leader after Mao Tse-tung to have complete authority in hand. The US President has signed the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ in such times and therefore, China is avoiding to give a strong reaction to it.

The Western media has already started discussing that there is a single leader rule in China once again. With such claims being made from the world over, it would be detrimental to the Chinese President’s image to take a very aggressive stand about the Taiwan issue against the US. China has therefore, cautiously appealed to the US. However, there are indications being given from China that its position on this same issue could be very different in the future.

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