China warns the US, also threatens war with Taiwan over the approval of ‘Taiwan Travel Act’

Beijing: China has reacted strongly after the United States Senate passed the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’. China has issued a warning to the United States and directly threatened Taiwan of war. The Chinese government media have warned that Taiwan will get burnt if it takes foreign aid. The Chinese analysts claimed that if the United States tries to use Taiwan against China, the tactics will backfire on it.

taiwan, china, us,The United States House of Representatives had passed the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ bill in the month of January. Thereafter, the US Senate has also passed the bill now. The bill will become an act once President Donald Trump signs it. China has started making inflammatory statements against the United States and Taiwan in view of the bill. The ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ will make it easy for the US officials and leaders to travel to Taiwan and meet officials and leaders of equivalent status. This will also pave way for the United States to welcome the visiting dignitaries from Taiwan as per the state protocol.

China has expressed anger over this bill. China claims Taiwan to be its integral part and not an independent country. The ‘One China’ policy adopted by China that states the Chinese right over Taiwan, had also been accepted by the United States. In view of the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’ the United States seems to be deviating from the Taiwan policy. Hua Chunying, Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry has registered protest against the bill. Chunying has also asked the United States to respect the Joint declarations it has made with China and be firm on the ‘One China’ policy.

The Chinese analysts have heavily criticised the United States saying that China will never compromise on Taiwan under any circumstances. Ruan Zongze, Vice President of Chinese Institute of International Studies, has said that if the United States tries to use Taiwan to create trouble for China, the efforts will only backfire. Zongze further added that this could aggravate the tension between the United States and China. China, while issuing warnings to the US has threatened Taiwan directly with war.

china, us, taiwanTaiwan will repent taking the foreign aid for developing itself. ‘You will burn yourself in fire,’ is the threat issued by ‘China Daily’, the Chinese government daily. Similarly, President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing Wen, who strongly promotes total independence from China, will have to face a trial for treason and China can necessitate military intervention to stop these anti-national activities by the Taiwanese leaders, warned the Chinese daily.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump had indicated of adopting a firm stand about Taiwan, a few months ago. The Former US President had accepted it despite China’s position about Taiwan. President Trump had warned that he will not repeat the same mistake. Tsai Ing Wen, President of Taiwan, had also visited the United States after Trump assumed power. Therefore, it is clear that there is a well thought out policy behind the ‘Taiwan Travel Act’. Keeping in view China’s hypersensitivity towards Taiwan, it is expected that there will be an extreme reaction from China about this policy of the Trump administration.

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