US and China face off in the United Nations, over the “Belt and Road” scheme passing Afghanistan

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New York: The United States and China clashed in the United Nations, over the ambitious Chinese project Belt and Road, connecting Asia, Africa and Europe. The United States alleged that the Chinese project passing through Afghanistan is about Chinese national political priorities rather than the people of Afghanistan. China shot back saying that the US’ remarks were “at variance with facts and fraught with prejudice”.

Belt-and-Road-schemeA special meeting of the United Nations was organised on Friday, to assess the political and economic condition in Afghanistan. The United States who is playing an essential role in the rebuilding process in Afghanistan demanded that the period for the special UN embassy, be increased. As per the United States, this embassy will be helpful for the Afghan people and the foreigners working in the rebuilding process. At this time, China claimed that the Belt and Road project would help increase the cooperation with Afghanistan. The US Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Jonathan Cohen objected strongly to this Chinese reaction. Cohen said that this Chinese project would hold Afghanistan at ransom. At the same time, the Deputy Ambassador criticised that Chinese policies are the primary objective of the Belt and Road project and it has no consideration for the interests of the Afghan people.

President Trump is opposed to this Belt and Road project in Afghanistan. Cohen lashed out that investment from China, already infamous for its corrupt, non-eco-friendly and non-transparent ways of working, will further complicate the political and economic situation. Wu Haitao, the Chinese Deputy Ambassador, refuted the allegations by the United States.

Haitao claimed that 123 countries and 29 international organisations had approved the Chinese project. At the same time, this project will expedite the process of rebuilding in Afghanistan, and the country will progress economically. Haitao criticised that the United States is looking at the project with prejudice.

It has already been exposed that China is making moves to increase its influence in Afghanistan using Pakistan. It has also been revealed that the United States is closely watching the Chinese efforts to enter Afghanistan.

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