US announces new cyber security policy to counter increasing threats of cyber attacks

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Washington: ‘The atmosphere related to the cyber attacks is changing every moment and we have reached a decisive stage. The adversaries of the United States in the cyberspace are now challenging the very sovereignty of the country,’ said internal security department chief Nielsen to stress the importance of the cyber security policy. The threat to the United States cyber security has increased because of the frequent cyber attacks and in view of this the new cyber security policy has been announced.

Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security, announced the new cyber security policy of the United States, on Tuesday. The policy mentions newer technologies, as well as attacks on American infrastructure from various countries and terrorists and thus clarifies the necessity of a new cyber security policy.

This 35 page policy stresses on five major elements. These include identifying the possible threats to cyber security, reducing the risks of these threats and making efforts to reduce the incidents of cyber attacks. Moreover, the policy also mentions the preparedness to face the after effects of cyber-attacks and preparing for cyber security with all possible measures.

The policy observes that in the period between the year 2005 to 2016 the incidents of cyber-attacks on the United States infrastructural facilities have increased tenfold.

The threat for the United States has increased from groups using the latest and advanced technologies and they are using the cyberspace for all the wrong reasons. The policy mentions that these threats include political and ideological interests, sabotage and monetary benefits. The new policy expresses concern that twenty billion gadgets will be connected to the internet by 2020 and the perceived threat will also increase in the same proportion.

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