UN Human Rights Commission agenda against Israel’s existence, alleges US Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley

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Washington: ‘The Agenda-7 of the United Nations Human Rights Commission has been prepared to deny the very existence to Israel. Political corruption and moral bankruptcy have pervaded the Human Rights Commissionand this is a warning bell,’ was the vitriolic criticism spewed by the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. At the same time, the Human Rights Commission is applying double standards to the countries like China, Venezuela, Cuba and Zimbabwe, accused Haley.

Ambassador Haley unleashed the barrage of criticism on the UN Human Rights Commission while addressing a famous study group from the United States. US Ambassador Haley accused that the policies of the UN Human Rights Commission have always been one-sided. She accused the Commission of being anti-Israel after informing the decisions of the commissions concerning Israel.

‘Human Rights Commission has always taken a stand against Israel. The number of decisions taken against Israel is in multiple of those taken against Iran, Syria, North Korea put together. The Agenda-7 of the Human Rights Commission has been prepared to deny the very existence of Israel,’ said Haley further. At the same time, Haley claimed that the commission taking an anti-Israel stance is morally bankrupt.

‘The United States held meetings with more than 125 member countries to bring about improvements in this commission that had lost morality. The United States had appealed to these countries to raise a voice against the commission which was a disgrace to its name. But these US efforts did not succeed as per expectations and therefore the United States has decided to withdraw from the commission,’ said Haley endorsing the decision of the United States to boycott and withdraw from the organisation.

Countries such as Russia, China, Cuba and Egypt “benefit from making a mockery of the Human Rights Council. So it’s no surprise that they openly resisted our efforts to reform it criticized Haley. Moreover, the organisations like ‘Amnesty International’ and ‘Human Rights Watch’ fighting for human rights at the international level also supported the Russian and Chinese policies against the US’ stance for reforming it, she further criticised.

Haley clarified that although the United States has withdrawn from the UN Human rights Commission its efforts to safeguard the human rights will not stop. After criticising the anti-Israel stand of the commission over the last few months, the United States announced withdrawal from the commission. Meanwhile, Israel also announced withdrawal from the organisation following the United States.

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