United States uses veto over the resolution against Israel in the UN

Third World WarBrussels: The proposal in the UN Security Council against Israeli action in the Gaza Strip was overruled by the United States by exercise of veto. The proposal alleged that the Israeli military had used oppressive measures against the Palestinian protesters. But the United States dismissed this proposal saying that the Israeli military acted in self-defence. 60 people were killed and more than 2700 were injured in the Israeli military action against the violent protests by Palestinians near the Israel border. After this action, the total number of people killed during these protests, which continued for more than six weeks on the Israeli border, has exceeded 100.

US, israel, un, veto, palestinian, kuwaitThe large number of Palestinian protesters killed in a single day in the Israeli action has elicited severe reactions at the international level. The UK, France and Germany, who have been Israel’s allies in Europe, have also criticised the Israeli military action against the Palestinian protesters, while Kuwait, an Arab country, has directly moved a resolution in the UN Security Council against the Israeli action.

In its resolution against Israel, Kuwait has claimed that the Palestinian protests in the Gaza Strip were peaceful. Whereas, the action by the Israeli military was violent and contrary to peace negotiations, alleged the Kuwaiti Ambassador in the UN. Kuwait’s demand before the Security Council was for an independent and transparent inquiry at the international level, into the Israeli action against the Palestinians.

But the United States, who is a permanent member of the Security Council, exercised the veto to overrule the proposal. The US diplomat clarified that the action was taken against the attackers who posed a threat to the Israeli security. Israel also has justified its action against the protestors. Israel has said that the action was taken on people, throwing kite bombs into Israel and uprooting the barbed fencing on the border. Israeli military has also claimed that they killed the terrorists who were planting bombs along the Israeli border under the cover of the protests.

This is the second time that the United States has saved Israel using the veto.

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