Two US cities pay a ransom of $ 1.1 million in bitcoins

Third World WarFlorida: Two towns from the state of Florida in the United States were forced to pay a ransom of $ 1.1 million to hackers launching cyber attacks. Hackers had held at ransom, systems in the Riviera Beach and Lake City in Florida, through a cyber attack. After failing in all the efforts to streamline the operations, the administrations in both the cities were forced to pay a ransom of $ 1.1 million to the hackers. Only last month, the administrative systems in the Baltimore city in the state of Maryland were held at ransom, for more than three weeks, by hackers.

US cities, bitcoinsIn the last year, the incidences of cyber attacks on the US cities are on the rise and reports of at least four city administrations being held at ransom have been reported. They include San Antonio from Texas, Baltimore from Maryland and the two cities from Florida. The US sources informed that administrative systems from cities other than these also had been reportedly held at ransom. However, this is the first instance of paying such a huge ransom.

The computer systems in the Riviera Beach and Lake City in Florida came to a grinding halt because of the cyber attack. The cyber security companies and government agencies made efforts to recover these systems. But the ransom had to be paid as all these efforts failed. The administration in Riviera Beach paid a payment of $ 600,000 to the hackers, in the form of Bitcoins.

The Lake City administration paid a ransom of $ 500,000, in the form of 42 bitcoins. The Mayor of Lake City reacted to the entire incident saying that he did not expect a small town like Lake City having to face such a problem.

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