The large-scale industry of terrorism flourishing in Pakistan, crushing criticism by Indian Foreign Minister

New Delhi: ‘There is no country like Pakistan, running large-scale industry of terrorism and making it flourish. Therefore, Pakistan never behaves like a normal neighbour,’ criticized Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. Indian Foreign Minister fired this salvo of criticism while addressing a program in London through teleconferencing. During his India visit, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had accused Iran of being the sponsor of global terrorism. However, during this program, Jaishankar emphasized that Pakistan had the roots of terrorism not accepting the statement made by the US Secretary of State.

Indian foreign minister, pakistan, terrorismUS Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo made allegations that Iran was behind global terrorism. But the Indian Foreign Minister said that the Indian outlook in this matter was entirely different and clarified that India did not agree with the United States on this issue. In a few hours after this, the Indian foreign Minister addressed a program in London through teleconferencing. While speaking on this occasion, the Indian Foreign Minister said that Pakistan is not like other countries and is running a flourishing large-scale industry of terrorism. Jaishankar alleged that terrorism had become the leading business for Pakistan. Government and agencies of no other country sponsor terrorism, so openly. Jaishankar retorted that the agencies and the government of Pakistan are sponsoring terrorism and using it as a weapon against its neighbouring countries.

Jaishankar asserted that this is unacceptable to India. Pakistan cannot be considered a normal country because of its terrorist policies. The Indian Foreign Minister indicated that Pakistan is not like other countries and there is no chance for improvement in its behaviour. The large-scale industry of terrorism is flourishing in Pakistan, and the atmosphere there has become conducive. Jaishankar pointed out that the interests of the Pakistan military are connected with it.

India has made sincere efforts to improve relations with Pakistan. India even awarded the most favoured nation status to Pakistan for this purpose. However, Pakistan did not reciprocate. Instead, Pakistan is trying to create obstacles for India. The Foreign Minister delivered a slap that these terrorist and spiteful policies of Pakistan have been posing a severe challenge in front of India.

Saying that this challenge faced by India is not a simple one and is not faced only by India, the Indian Foreign Minister appealed to the international community to unite against it. Jaishankar said, he too, was interested in improving relations with Pakistan but dismissed the possibility of talks with Pakistan in the current scenario.

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