Turkish President Erdogan is anti-Semitic; criticises by Israeli Prime Minister

Third World War

Washington: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showered crushing criticism ‘Turkish President Erdogan is a Jew hater. The Turkish government is grasped by the fear of Israel and its military. The Israeli military is committed to democracy whereas, Erdogan’s military is attacking Kurdish women and children. Erdogan is becoming a dictator.’ Before this, while criticising the Israeli Prime Minister, Erdogan had said that Netanyahu is trampling upon the demands of the Palestinians.

Last week, thousands of Hamas supporters held violent protests at the Israeli border. During the demonstrations, the Palestinians attacked the Israeli soldiers, and the attempts to cross the border were also made at some places. Four Palestinians were killed in action taken by the Israeli military to disperse the protestors. Turkish President Erdogan denounced the Israeli action against the Palestinians. Erdogan had blamed ‘Netanyahu is a tyrant and cruel ruler’.

Erdogan had criticised ‘Israel has taken over Palestine, and the Israeli actions against the Palestinians are criminal and sinful.’ The Turkish President also accused ‘Whenever women and children trip and fall on the road during an Israeli action they are trampled upon.’ In a speech over the national channel, the Turkish President had incited ‘But there is a need to face these atrocities with courage and teach Israel a lesson.’

The Israeli Prime Minister lashed out at President Erdogan ‘Country like Turkey encroaching on the territories of other countries should not teach morality to us.’  The Israeli Prime Minister further lambasted ‘Erdogan is anti-semitic. He detests Israel and the Israeli military. The Israeli military has always acted morally to protect the democracy. But that is not true for the Turkish military; the Turkish military destroyed the Kurds in Northern Syria. Killed women and children entering into the Kurdish villages. But the worst thing is that Erdogan is turning into a dictator.’

The Turkish leaders have started targeting Israel since the last few days. Before President Erdogan, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Erdogan’s senior advisor and officials also have criticised Israel.

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