Trump indicates a change to the US Foreign Policy

Washington: Donald Trump has assured that the new foreign policy would be prepared by learning from the previously committed mistakes. He said that as per this policy, the US would not try to overthrow governments of other countries. Since the last few days, the US along with the rest of the world have been debating on who would be included in Donald Trump’s administration and about the nature of his foreign policy. The previous US administrators are advising Trump to adopt a cautious stance against Russia, Iran and Syria. This announcement made by Trump proves to be very crucial under such circumstances.

Trump indicates a change to the US Foreign Policy

The ‘CIA’ Chief, John Brennan had warned Trump to not back out from the nuclear deal with Iran after becoming the President and also to not alter its policy with respect to Syria by having more confidence in Russia. The current US administration has given overthrowing Assad’s regime in Syria the highest priority. So far, the strong backing received from Russia & Iran has not made it possible for the US to bring down Assad from power. However, Trump declared that the US would not be interested in overthrowing the governments of other countries and is willing to join hands with anyone to destroy the ‘IS’.

Trump while speaking in a program in Ohio’s Cincinnati, organized to acknowledge the voters who had  elected him said that their aim would be to destroy the ‘IS‘ and to accomplish that they would take help from all the countries. Trump gave a clear message about changing  the previous US foreign policy during his tenure by saying that their administration would learn from the previously committed mistakes and draft the new foreign policy. Henceforth, they will not look to overthrow governments or topple regimes of other countries. Their aim would be stability and not anarchy as they wished to newly rebuild the United States.Trump had declared in his election campaigns itself about giving top priority to destroying the ‘IS’ in Syria. He has also severely criticized the Obama administration at failing on this front. Trump had fiercely criticized Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton to be the founders of the ‘IS’. He termed the stance taken by the Obama administration regarding Russia & Iran to be unacceptable. However, a few experts have claimed that criticizing the foreign policy during an election campaign and actually amending the foreign policy after becoming the president are two separate things. A few analysts had also reported that Trump would be unable to make such major amendments to the the US policy after becoming the President.

However, Trump has shown that he was still firm on his stand in his speech at Cincinnati. A day before, the ‘CIA’ chief had warned Trump about Syria, Russia and Iran. This declaration made by Trump is turning out to attract the experts’ attention.

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