Trump accuses protestors and the US media

Washington : After the victory of Donald Trump the protests in the US have intensified. Trump has expressed his displeasure on these protests and has accused the US media of inciting the protestors. At the same time, stating, We are not ready to accept Trump as our President, the protestors are indulging in pelting stones and arson.

Donald Trump paid a visit to the White House on Thursday by accepting the invitation from the existing US President Barack Obama. Both Obama & Trump gave positive response over this meeting which lasted for nearly 90 minutes. Trump praised his meeting with Obama. In the past both Obama & Trump have spewed venom on each other. Hence this meeting had become a center of attraction for everyone.

donald-trumpAfter this meeting, Trump expressed his discontent over the protests taking place in nearly more than 20 cities in the US. Protests that started on  Tuesday night  continued until Friday morning. The severity of these protests  increases in the evening,  Oregon proves to be its main center. These groups are claiming their protests to be peaceful. However along with Oregon, the protestors have caused destruction of vehicles in the capital city of Washington, New York, California and some other cities. Cases have also been  reported of arson on the roads and attacks on the policemen.

At some places the protestors tried to sabotage stores while a few protestors also shouted slogans of getting the appointed President Donald Trump killed. At some places, in order to control the violent mob, the police had to deploy paper spray and rubber bullets. So far 100 protestors have been arrested in these violent demonstrations. These protestors had a majority of African-Americans & Latin American citizens. Similarly members of various groups in the US have also joined the protests against Trump.

These protestors have so far tried to invade the premises of two of Trump’s Hotels. As a result, the security arrangements near these luxurious hotels of Trump have been increased. It is claimed that these protests that began post  Trump’s victory would continue for two more months. There is also a possibility being predicted that these protestors would cause mass destruction at the time of Donald Trump’s oath taking ceremony in the month of January. It is claimed that these protestors would cause disarray in the oath taking   ceremony conducted in the courtyard of the White House.

Meanwhile, amidst protests taking place against Trump, it has been observed that Trump supporters are  taking to the roads to oppose these protests. Trump supporters are reacting severely against Trump protestors who are rejecting the election results.. Altercations occurring between Trump supporters and protestors at few places are also been reported. Although, at the moment this has not transformed into a conflict yet  its possibility, in future, could not be ruled out.

There is also no unanimity amongst Trump’s protestors and few incidents of conflict amongst them have come to light. There is dispute amongst Trump’s protestors and it can also be seen that there is disagreement amongst the protestors whether to protest peacefully or violently.

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