Will not allow China’s trade atrocities: Donald Trump

Donald Trump warns with inflammatory reference

China is responsible for what Donald Trump, the Republican nominee called ‘the biggest ever theft in history’. He was referring to America’s trade deficit with China. ‘We cannot allow China to rape our country!’ he warned addressing the crowds in Indiana ahead of the state’s primary. The United States was capable of turning the tables on China and they would do it, he asserted. In the bilateral trade between the US and China, the US had suffered a trade deficit worth $365 million over the course of 2015.US china trade Deficit_howmuch

Donald Trump has time and again targeted China in his election campaigns. He accused China of manipulating its currency to make goods available at competitive rates in the international market which he said is ‘killing the US on trade’ aside from damaging business and employment. Making a scathing remark on China’s trade policy with US, Trump said China was ‘raping’ the US and that they would not put up with it any more.

‘The US can turn it around on China and they have the cards to do it. The US must not lose sight of the fact that they have power over China’, Trump said setting of speculations over an aggressive trade war between the US and China.

In his election manifesto, Trump, a republican fore-runner in the elections, assures of cutting better deals with China and of making the American businesses and workers competitive. Should he be elected President, he warns of declaring China ‘a currency manipulator’. He also sounds firm about putting an end to China’s export subsidies and also to its lax labour and environmental standards.Trump_VOA News (AP)

This is however the first time he used the word ‘rape’ in context of China’s extraction of benefits from trade with the US. No official comments from China have been received in response to Trump’s remarks. The Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang did make a comment some days ago that the American Presidential Elections were drawing attention.

It must also be noted that President Obama and other prominent American leaders have consistently denounced China’s trade policies, its usage of currency and its economic espionage. However, that China still sticks firm to its trade policies and in a mere two months of the year 2016, records a benefit of $57 million through trade with the US, is but a testimony of its brazen disregard of the disapprovals.     

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