Russian hackers may target German elections – Chancellor Angela Merkel

Berlin : It has been alleged that Russia has been launching  cyber attacks during the campaigning of US Presidential elections. It was also feared that Russia might launch cyber attacks during elections on Tuesday.  Now that  the results in US are becoming clear, it is believed that  the elections in Germany are now a target of Russia’s cyber attacks. This fear has been openly expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a function in Berlin.

At the moment  Germany is facing cyber attacks from Russia. There is also information that Russia has been spreading false rumours in Germany. Dealing with this Russian interference has become a daily routine and day by day this challenge is on the increase. This may play a vital role in the forthcoming election campaign, said the German Chancellor Merkel while giving indication of possible cyber attacks.

Russian hackers may target German elections - Chancellor Angela Merkel

Elections will be held throughout Germany next year yet, Chancellor Merkel has not announced her candidacy. Merkel has been facing criticism for the last few months on issues like refugees, terrorist attacks and economic conditions. As per news received, her current allies in the ruling coalition has refused support in the forthcoming  elections. At the same time German news agencies have reported that the right-wing and the radical ideological groups in the country are receiving support from Russia. That Merkel should suddenly raise the issue of Russian cyber attacks against this background seems striking.

US agencies have openly blamed Russia for executing cyber attacks the last few months during the Presidential election campaign in US. Few days back, the White House announced that US is  ready to give a fitting reply to this.US had  also made prepations  to launch cyber attack against Russia. As per reports the ‘CIA‘ , the US intelligence agency was given this responsibility.

Other European nations like Britain too, had accused Russia for creating instability through cyber attacks.

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