Trifurcate Iraq post ‘ISIS’ defeat, advises senior Kurd leader

Erbil, Dated 17th June (News agency) – To avoid escalating racial conflicts, it would be better to trifurcate Iraq into separate entities, with a state given each to the Shia, Sunni and Kurd provinces, advised a senior Kurd leader. The ISIS is straggling in Iraq currently, therefore analysts have advised to keep ready the post ‘ISIS’ blueprint of Iraq. This comment made by the Kurd leader is being viewed seriously.


Masrour Barzani-Trifurcate IraqMr. Masrour Barzani, the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Security Council, claimed during his interview to a news channel, that there is a growing mistrust towards the current ‘Haider al-Abadi’ government ruling in Iraq. Owing to this level of distrust, Iraq is literally already divided into three groups. Since none of these groups aim to stay under a single roof, the complete division of Iraq is the only option left, recommended Mr. Barzani. When suggesting the division of Iraq, Mr. Barzani was proposing future plans for Iraq.

The recommendation is that the Western and some parts of the Northern Provinces should be handed over as independent land to the Sunnis who are a majority in that part of Iraq, whereas the Southern and Eastern provinces should be given to the Shias. While the North should be acquired by the Kurds, as they have formed their own government and military in that part of Iraq. Therefore post the ‘ISIS’ defeat, Iraq should be divided based on these criteria, proposed Mr. Barzani. He further clarified that this will not be the division of Iraq, but instead would serve as a solution. Mr. Barzani claims that post the trifurcation, all the three states would live together as good neighbours and that would strengthen the ties between them. The current unrest in Iraq is the cause of Mr. Barzani’s demand to trifurcate Iraq.

Recently, the American fighter planes and Iraq’s army have been carrying out joint combating operations on the various ‘ISIS’ hideouts. Iraq’s military has claimed victory over ‘ISIS’ in Fallujah. The ‘ISIS’ would be washed out from Fallujah, which was under the ‘ISIS’ captivity for a year and a half. The military is also claiming elimination of the ‘ISIS’ from Mosul.

Meanwhile analysts have claimed that merely wiping out ‘ISIS’ terrorists may not be an end to Iraq’s complications, the change could aggravate and have prolonged implications. The Haider al – Abadi government has been trapped. In any case the al-Abadi government does not get much importance from the Kurd and Sunni groups and, Muqtada al-Sadr a Shia leader, too has started protests against the al-Abadi government. The analysis of the current situation indicates that even after ‘ISIS’ is ruled out, Iraq will not stand stable. The trifurcation proposal by Mr. Barzani would turn into a harsh reality if the current situation persists in Iraq.

Earlier in the month of April, the US Vice President Mr. Joe Biden had claimed that dividing Iraq would serve as the only solution. Officials from the Pentagon, the US defense headquarter, had earlier instructed for the division of Iraq as that, they alleged would bring stability to the country.

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