Pakistan can be a bridge connecting India and Central Asia, East Europe, says Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua

Islamabad: Nasir Janjua, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor has proposed that, ‘Pakistan can become a bridge to connect Central Asia with India. However, India has to give up animosity towards Pakistan for it. Janjua claimed that ‘if this could happen, a lot of big possibilities can become a reality’.

pakistan, india, nasir janjuaA lot of skirmishes are taking place between the Indian and Pakistani armies along the Jammu-Kashmir border. It is apparent that Pakistan’s internal conflicts have weakened it. There have been concerns about Pakistan collapsing in the near future, especially because of its economy almost hitting rock bottom. The hardships for the country have increased because of the harsh actions initiated by the United States. Therefore, some knowledgeable analysts have advised the Pakistani Government to establish friendly ties with India to rebuild Pakistan.

Against this background, Janjua made the said proposal to India. India has asked Pakistan many times in the past to open the channel for India’s trade with Afghanistan and the Central Asian countries. But Pakistan had never responded to the Indian requests. Now, with the Iranian Chabahar Port being available, India can trade with Afghanistan and the Central Asian countries through it. Pakistan has panicked because of this development and hence, this proposal is being given to India.

Pakistan is geographically at a very strategic location and can become a bridge between India and the Central Asian as well as the Eastern European countries. Also, India and Pakistan cannot remain enemies for ever. India should take a note of this and should resolve all issues through negotiations’, said Janjua. India had made the same proposal to Pakistan in the past. But this country, who was obsessed with the objective of bringing India to its knees with terrorism, had always ignored this proposal.

Currently, the situation in Pakistan is very challenging and a video of the Pakistani Prime Minister being checked and treated like a common traveller at an airport in the United States, has been released. Although this country, even after losing its reputation at an international level is looking at China with hope, China has clearly indicated that it does not want to give any importance to Pakistan. Under such circumstances, it is only natural that Pakistan now turns to India and its cooperation. This fact has been underlined due to the proposal made by Pakistani National Security Advisor Nasir Janjua.

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  1. Mihir Nagarkar   April 3, 2018 at 4:29 pm

    This appeal comes from Pakistan when it is faced with a whopping fiscal deficit of Rs.505-bn, has a paltry $12-billion forex reserves left, enough to sustain for 10 weeks only

    Moreover, IMF has warns of Pakistan slipping into recession even after receiving beggary loan of $500-mn from China. Greylisting of ‘Special Terrorist Zone Pakistan’ at FAFT will further worsen its woes.

    Pakistan is at its knees.


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