Time for US to unfriend Pakistan: US analyst

Washington – Clifford May, an American analyst, suggested in his article that the US does not intend to push Pakistan closer to its archenemies. However, if Pakistan’s leaders are inclined towards China, Iran, the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, they are free to do so as their ties would not hold for long. This is the time for the US to break its friendship with Pakistan. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, has suggested a few days back about the US requiring reassessment of their relations with Pakistan. Against this background, the warning issued by Clifford comes as a shock to Pakistan.


Joe Biden, Pakistan, Taliban, US, Clifford May, US analystClifford targeted Pakistan by raising serious questions: Who is to be blamed for the dishonourable exit of the US from Afghanistan? Who is responsible for the abandoned lives of US and Afghan citizens? President Joe Biden can be held entirely responsible, but role of prominent Pakistani leaders cannot be ignored for this historic catastrophe.

Pakistan’s military and intelligence establishment helped create the Afghan Taliban in the early 1990s and continued to fund and trains its fighters. US analysts have pointed out that even after the US intervention in Joe Biden, Pakistan, Taliban, US, Clifford May, US analystAfghanistan in 2001, Pakistan continued its support to Al Qaeda, the Taliban and other terrorist organisations. Clifford reminded that his allegations, made a long time ago, that Osama bin Laden had been granted asylum in Pakistan had eventually come true.

The United States has declared Pakistan a NATO ally despite supporting the Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations. Between 2002 to 2018, the United States provided $33 billion in aid to Pakistan. Clifford had severely criticised the US decision to provide aid, as it was being used to nurture terrorism instead of fighting against it. Joe Biden, Pakistan, Taliban, US, Clifford May, US analystFormer President Donald Trump took an important decision to cut off financial aid to Pakistan. Clifford has suggested that if President Biden wants to correct his mistakes, he must make bold decisions.

Clifford suggested that there is no alternative to breaking friendship with Pakistan, even though it will drive Pakistan closer Taliban, Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations, along with China and Iran, which are archenemies of the US.

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