IAF ready to face any challenge, IAF Chief warns China

Hyderabad: – Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria has assured the countrymen that the Indian Air Force (IAF) will not let the sacrifice of the 20 soldiers martyred in the Galwan valley go in vain. The IAF has completed all the deployment and preparations for defending the country. The IAF Chief visited the bases at Leh, Ladakh and Srinagar to assess the state of preparedness at the bases. Along with Sukhoi and Mirage, heavy military transport aircraft like C-17 Globemaster also have been deployed near the Chinese border. Along with these, ultramodern Apache helicopters, purchased from the United States, also have been deployed at the bases in this region. The analysts have said that the movements of the IAF are adding to the Chinese concerns.

IAF, IAF Chief, China

The IAF refused to reveal details of the IAF Chief’s visit to Srinagar and Leh airbases. But IAF Chief, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, while speaking at a function in Hyderabad has warned that IAF is closely monitoring the Chinese movements. The Chinese soldiers launched a surprise attack on the Indian soldiers, violating the agreement for a peaceful withdrawal from the Galwan Valley. In this situation, the brave Indian soldiers defended the motherland without caring for their lives. Bhadauria said that this only shows the steely resolve of the Indian defence forces to protect the country’s borders.

The IAF will not allow martyrdom of these brave soldiers to go in vain. The incident in the Galwan valley has highlighted the need to ready the systems and to defend the country in a short time. The IAF Chief reassured the countrymen by saying that accordingly, the IAF has made all the necessary preparations and deployments to defend the country. The IAF Chief delivered the message that not only Galwan Valley and Ladakh, but the IAF has also made preparations for any eventuality, anywhere, on the entire length of the Chinese border. Reports of preparations by the IAF in the areas near the Chinese border are being received since the last few days. Before the Chinese attack in the Galwan valley, it had been reported that the Chinese helicopters had intruded into the Indian airspace. But the IAF fighter jets reached the spot in a short time. The Chinese helicopters changed their course after this. Therefore, it is evident that the IAF is closely monitoring the Chinese border regions. The Sukhoi, Miraj and Jaguar fighter jets of the IAF, have been kept ready and China is being delivered a message that these are in a state of readiness for any necessary action. As per analysts, these movements of the IAF are adding to the concerns of the Chinese. China did not expect such elaborate preparations, by the Indian Army and IAF, to secure the entire Indo-Chinese border, following the Galwan intrusion attempt. The Chinese plan was to intrude into Ladakh, claim rights over a particular territory in Ladakh, including Galwan and then withdraw from the region. But the Chinese military had also made preparations to avoid a Doklam like embarrassment while withdrawing from the region. Therefore, the Chinese soldiers launched a pre-planned cowardly attack on the Indian soldiers, while feigning withdrawal. The way Colonel Suresh Babu and his soldiers fought courageously and launched a counterattack came as a major shock to the Chinese military.

China has realised that henceforth, the Indian military will retaliate against any Chinese misadventure with its full might. Therefore, China is trying to show that it is not scared of war by increasing military deployment along the Indo-Chinese border. At the same time, the Chinese mouthpieces are threatening to corner India from the Pakistan and Nepal borders. Whatever aggression China is showing in this matter, it is under pressure due to the firm stand taken by India and is further disturbed by the support India is receiving on the international level.

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