Terrorists in Kashmir didn’t land from the moon: European parliament lashes out at Pakistan

Brussels: The Khan government in Pakistan is patting its own back after saying that it had succeeded raising the Jammu-Kashmir issue globally. The Pakistani government under underscored that a discussion over the Kashmir issue was a first in the European parliament. However, the terrorist face of Pakistan was exposed more prominently before the world in the talks. The members of the European parliament made a stinging remark at Pakistan saying that the terrorists didn’t land in Jammu-Kashmir from the Moon.

While addressing the European Parliament, Ryszard Czarnecki, highlighted that the terrorists entering Jammu-Kashmir were not landing there from the Moon, but were sent by Pakistan. Also, Czarnecki stated that as India was a democratic country and the European parliament needed to stand firmly behind it. Another member of the European parliament, Fulvio Martusciello, drew attention to Pakistan’s threats of a nuclear attack to India.

Pakistan is consistently warning India of nuclear war and is thus a cause for concern. The terrorism originating from Pakistan is a threat even to the European countries. Martusciello expressed severe concern over the terrorists from Pakistan saying that it was likely for them to carry out saboteur activities in the European countries. Furthermore, Martusciello also accused Pakistan of being an irresponsible country, regularly trampling human rights. Therefore, Pakistan was quite apparently criticised in the European parliament.

Pakistan had thought that India would be severely criticised and a firm stand would be taken against India in the European parliament. The country has made all the possible efforts to accomplish the objective. Nevertheless, Pakistan has been disillusioned. Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign policy chief said that the aggravation of the Kashmir issue was not in anyone’s interest and appealed to India and Pakistan to make efforts in that direction. At the same time, Mogherini urged India to restore normalcy in Jammu-Kashmir.

Meanwhile, during the discussion, some responsible members drew attention to the challenges posed in the Kashmir situation, saying that India was facing Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in the region. What’s more, some of the members even emphasised that Kashmir along with the part currently occupied by Pakistan belonged only to India. The member passed a verdict that Pakistan’s role in the Kashmir issue was that of an aggressor.

It comes as another jolt at the international level to the Pakistani aspirations. Albeit, the Pakistan media appear to have conveniently ignored the reports from the European parliament.


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