19 killed in terror attack at Kabul University in Afghanistan

Kabul: Nineteen people were killed in a terror attack in Kabul University, Afghanistan, on Monday. Security forces killed the attackers after an encounter lasting for six hours. President Ashraf Ghani denounced the attack and said that this attack was carried out by the terrorists restless with the Helmand defeat. This is the second instance of attack on an educational institution, in Afghanistan, in the last ten days.

Kabul University

An Irani book fair had been organised in the Kabul University on Monday. After the students and teachers assembled in the university, the attacker entered the campus and started indiscriminate firing. Thousands of students were present at the campus at that time. The students panicked and jumped over the university compound wall. Some students were evacuated with the help of teachers and security forces. This resulted in a reduction in the number of casualties.

Kabul University

19 people were killed in the attack, including four to five students. 22 people have been injured in the attack, and there is a fear of the number of casualties going up. The Afghan security forces immediately initiated action against the attackers who had entered the university campus. The action ended after about 6 hours. Two attackers were killed in the encounter, and one killed himself with a self-triggered explosion. The security in this area has been beefed up following the incident.

Kabul University

No terrorist organisation has accepted the responsibility of the attack. Initially, the Taliban’s hand was being suspected in the attack. But Taliban clarified that it had nothing to do with the attack. 24 people had been killed in a terror attack launched by IS, on an educational institution, ten days ago.

Meanwhile, eight people were killed in a blast triggered at the entrance of the Kabul University. In 2016, 13 people were killed in a terror attack on an American University in Kabul. The bloodshed has increased in Afghanistan since the starting of Afghan-Taliban peace talks and US military withdrawal.

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