Iran-Hezbollah planning to attack Israel’s Golan Height 

Tel Aviv: – Iran and Hezbollah are conspiring to launch an attack on the Golan Hills in Israel by dressing as Syrian soldiers. They are also using the Syrian locals in this war for Golan Hills. At the same time, the Israeli newspaper informed that the two have established a duplicate command in the Syrian Army. Israel, fully aware of the Iran-Hezbollah conspiracy, has started cautioning the people in the Syrian border regions and has advised them to stay away from Iran.    

Since the last few months, Iran, Hezbollah and even the Syrian regime, have been issuing threats to Israel over the Golan Hills. Last week, a senior Iranian military official had announced to spark a war with Israel, saying that the Israeli occupation of Golan Hills was not acceptable. Whereas, the Israel military had warned that the activities of the Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers are increasing, in the Golan Hills region. The Israeli newspaper claimed that this was part of the preparations by Iran and Hezbollah to open a second front against Israel.    

The Hezbollah terrorists have built a huge arsenal of thousands of rockets and missiles, in south Lebanon. Hezbollah chief Nasrallah had threatened to open a colossal front against Israel by showering missiles on Israel. But now, Iran and Hezbollah have made preparations to open a second front against Israel, in the Golan Hills region and are plotting to attack under the disguise of the Syrian Army. The Israeli newspaper claimed that Iran and Hezbollah have infiltrated the Golan region in Syria and Iranian soldiers and terrorists, affiliated to Iran, are patrolling this area in the Syrian soldiers’ uniforms.   

The Syrian military has opened an independent command centre for an attack on the Golan Hills. A few days ago, Senior officials from the Syrian military visited this centre. The newspaper claimed that Israel has spotted that the patrolling in the Golan border regions, is being carried out by terrorists affiliated to Iran, in Syrian uniforms. Moreover, Iran is paying $30 per month to the locals from Golan, to instigate them for an attack on Israel. In view of these activities of Iran and Hezbollah, Israel has closed the medical camp opened for the Syrian people, on the Golan Hills and has increased patrolling in the area.    

At the same time, reports are also being received that the Israeli soldiers have invaded the Syrian Golan region and taken actions against the Iran affiliated terrorists. Whereas, the Israeli military has dropped handbills from aircraft in the Golan border region and warned the locals that anyone helping Hezbollah terrorists would face action by Israel. The Israeli newspaper also claimed that Israel is getting support from Russia, for curtailing the increasing Iranian activities in the Golan Hills region. 

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