Taliban attacks Afghan military base, kills 15 Afghan soldiers

Kandahar: The attack by the Taliban terrorists on the Kandahar military Base in Afghanistan has claimed the lives of 15 army personnel and left 8 soldiers injured. Only three days ago, the Taliban terrorists had attacked another base of the Afghan army. The US military officials and intelligence agencies have alleged that the Taliban bases in Pakistan were responsible for the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.


According to the information provided by the Afghanistan defence ministry, the Taliban terrorists began striking the military base in Kandahar’s ‘Shah Wali Kot’ from Thursday night. The terrorists targeted the Afghan military base with the help of rifles and rocket launchers. Three military intelligence personnel were among the Afghan soldiers that died in this attack, informed Dawlat Waziri, the spokesperson for the Defence Ministry of Afghanistan. Also, the officials of the Kandahar province claim that 20 soldiers were killed in the attack.

At the beginning of this month, Taliban had threatened to increase the intensity of the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. After the threat, the attacks on the Afghan military bases have increased in the past three weeks. Moreover, the Taliban attacks on the Kandahar and Helmand provinces in southern Afghanistan show significant increase.

Between the two, the Helmand province is believed to be Taliban’s place of origin. The Taliban attacks in the Helmand province are claimed to have been increased for cultivation of narcotic produce. However, General ‘Abdul Raziq‘, a staunch anti-Taliban military official holds authority in the Kandahar Province. In the last few years, General Raziq has wiped out the Pakistani aligned terrorists that were in hiding in Kandahar as well as  in areas close to the Pakistani border. These incorporate the Talibani that are aligned with the Haqqani network. This is said to be the reason for Taliban to have increased the intensity of its attacks in Kandahar.

Meanwhile, senior US military officials claim that Taliban’s dominance in Afghanistan is on the rise. For the first time in the last 15 years, Taliban has become more aggressive and the US must increase its military deployment in Afghanistan, demanded US Command Chief General John Nicholson. Based on these events, the US Trump administration is seriously considering the deployment of an additional 50 thousand troops.

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