India lambasts Pakistan over terrorism at UNHRC

Geneva: – India severely reprimanded Pakistan, always playing the ‘Victim Card’, on the United Nations and other related platforms. India made crushing criticism during the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting that Pakistan always feigns to be a victim of terrorism, to divert the global attention from the issues related to terrorism. India lashed out that Pakistan, who is accusing India of trampling human rights, should first pay more attention to the human rights violation in its own country.   

A few hours ago, Pakistan once again played the Jammu-Kashmir tune in the UNHRC meeting and levelled false allegations against India. Indian First Secretary at the United Nations, Vimarsh Aryan brought the real face of Pakistan in front of the world, using the ‘Right to Reply’ against the accusations, for this Aryan cited the incidences from Pakistan. Aryan Lashed out that Pakistan is a deceitful country, projecting itself as a victim of terrorism. Most of the terrorists and terrorist organisations on the United Nations’ list are there in Pakistan. Pakistan has openly sheltered these and the Pakistan government is also using them. Aryan reminded that whenever the issue of terrorism is raised, on any international platform, Pakistan tries to divert the global attention from the main issue, claiming that Pakistan itself is a victim of terrorism.   

After this, Aryan read out a list of incidents of atrocities against minorities, women, children and journalists with examples. When the issue of minorities is raised, Pakistan with a medieval mentality levels allegation against India. But at the same time, it conveniently ignores the hanging of Asif Pervez, a youth from a minority, under a tyrant law. Pakistan, levelling allegations of atrocities against women in India, a country fostering a democratic culture, chooses to ignore the forcible conversion of a Hindu woman, Parsha Kumari. Aryan reminded that Pakistan making concocted accusations regarding the state of journalists, in a free country like India, arrests and tortures an honest journalist like Bilal Farooqi.   

Even in the last week, India criticised Pakistan as a country that has failed on all the fronts, during the UNHRC meeting. At the same time, India had pointed out that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had themselves accepted that there are terrorists in Pakistan. 

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