200 terrorists eliminated from Jammu and Kashmir this year

Srinagar: The number of terrorists eliminated in encounters, in this year, has reached 200. Majority of the terrorists killed were from Hizbul Mujahidin. 78 Hizbul terrorists, along with two commanders, have been killed in this year. This has delivered a strong jolt to Hizbul.   


A massive campaign has been launched against terrorism in Jammu-Kashmir. The people assisting the terrorists are also being rounded up. The terrorist organisations have been severely rocked with this action. In June alone, 49 terrorists were eliminated in the actions taken by the security forces. In April, 27 terrorists were eliminated in Jammu-Kashmir. 21 terrorists each were killed in July and October.   

jk-200-terroristsThe highest number of terrorists have been eliminated in Jammu-Kashmir, in this year. 138 terrorists have been killed in south Kashmir, till October. 98 encounters have been reported, only from Shopian and Pulwama districts. 72 Hizbul terrorists have been killed and this is considered to be a major jolt for the organisation. The Hizbul terrorists had started targeting the local population in Kashmir. A massive campaign against the Hizbul terrorists was started, after that.   

The second-highest number, 59 terrorists killed, are from Lashkar-e-Taiba, after Hizbul. 37 terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammed also were killed. Whereas, 32 terrorists from the other terrorist organisations were killed. 

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