Turkey outraged at Russia’s meeting with Syrian Kurdish delegation

Ankara: – It has become evident, once again, that the differences between Turkey and Russia are increasing. Turkey expressed annoyance over the visit of the Syrian Kurdish leaders to Russia, on invitation and cooperation extended to them. Turkey expressed displeasure saying that Russia should abide by the agreement signed with Turkey. Whereas, Russia has justified the collaboration with the Syrian Kurdish leaders. Meanwhile, Russia and Turkey have already been supporting opposite factions in the Syrian conflict.   

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met the Syrian Kurdish leaders from the Syrian Democratic Council (YPG). The meeting also had participation from the Popular Will Party (PWP), the Russia supporter Syrian group. Russia announced that the subject of the discussion was about having the involvement of the Kurdish people in the future governments in Syria. At this time, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov assured that a government with representation from all the political parties would be formed in Syria. It is also being revealed that the Russian Foreign Minister signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kurdish leaders.  

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, along with his delegation, was scheduled to meet the Russian Foreign Minister on Monday. But it is being said that Russia has delivered a jolt on a political level to Turkey by meeting the Kurdish leaders before his visit. Infuriated, Turkey conveyed its displeasure to Russia. At the same time, saying that Russia should abide by the cooperation agreement entered with Turkey, Turkey reminded Russia of the Astana agreement. The Turkish foreign ministry criticised Russia for meeting with the leaders of the Kurdish organisation, which has been declared as a terrorist organisation by Turkey.   

The Russian cooperation with the Kurds is not new. Russia had initiated a dialogue between the Assad government and the Kurds for joining hands to fight the IS and other affiliated terrorist organisations. Turkey had objected to this cooperation between Russia and the Syrian Kurds at that time. Turkey had declared the Kurdish organisation PKK as a terrorist organisation due to its involvement in attacks on Turkey. Along with PKK, the Kurdish organisation YPG and KDP from Syria and Iraq respectively affiliated to PKK, also have been declared as terrorist organisations by Turkey. Turkey had also warned the United States for taking the cooperation from Kurdish organisations during the fight against terrorism in Syria. 

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