Russia and Turkey agree on creating ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria

Sochi: Russian President Vladimir Putin has informed about being unanimous over the creation of ‘safe zones’ in Syria during Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s visit. This issue was also discussed with US President Donald Trump, claimed Putin. The Turkish President, Erdogan met with his Russian counterpart on Wednesday in Sochi, Russia. Sources have informed that issues concerning the de-escalation of conflict in Syria and cooperation in areas of trade and defence were discussed during this time.


Russia-Turkey-safe-zonesRussian President Putin proclaimed improvements in the Russia-Turkey relations by stating that it could be said that the restoration process of the Russia-Turkey relations had been completed and henceforth, they could maintain mutual relations as partners. Turkish President Erdogan also corroborated Putin’s statement and has admitted that the ties between the two nations have been restored. He informed that an agreement had been signed between the two countries in this regard. As per the agreement, all the trade restrictions that had been enforced by Russia and Turkey against each other, would be lifted.

Putin and Erdogan declared to have agreed over the issues concerning ‘Syria’ while restoring their trade relations. Accordingly, in order to make further progress in the de-escalation process of the Syrian conflict, creation of four ‘safe zones’ had been proposed. The Russian President also claims to have discussed the issue with his US counterpart Trump. Russia also informed that apart from the US, it had had talks with Iran, the Assad government of Syria and the rebels as well..

Since the past few months, Russia and Turkey have united over the Syrian issue and are trying to cease the conflict with support from Iran and the Assad government. Turkey has been displeased and hurt due the aid being provided by the US to the Kurds in Syria and has taken the initiative to cooperate with Russia. 

As a consequence, having stood by the US and against the Assad government at the beginning of the Syrian conflict, Turkey now appears to have  joined hands with Russia that has been backing Assad with its military power.

In the conference being held on Syria at Kazakhstan’s capital, Asthana talks regarding the said proposal are underway  and a pact would be signed with agreement over the de-escalation of conflict in Syria. However, the US did not participate in this discussion.

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