Spate of mysterious fires and blasts continues in Iran

Tehran: – It has been revealed that there was a fire in an industrial area, near the Iranian capital of Tehran. The cause of this fire is not known. Therefore, there is an addition of one more suspicious incident, in the spate of suspicious fires and blasts, at the military and industrial locations in Iran, since the last one and a half months.

fires and blasts

A fire broke out in an industrial estate, at Jajrud, in the Pardis province of Iran. The fire brigade reached the spot and brought the fire under control. It had been announced that an investigation has been ordered into the incident. But even after three days, the cause of fire could not be found. Therefore, this incident also is being suspected, like many others, in the last one and a half month.

It is claimed that there was a suspicious explosion on Qeshm Island, in the Persian Gulf. Iran government announced that an earthquake rocked the Island. But explosions were heard on the Island after 10 pm in the night and the locals said that the power supply was interrupted. Therefore, it is being said that the Iranian agencies are trying to hide some information. Qeshm Island, in the Persian Gulf, to the south of Iran, is considered to be strategically very important. This Island is home to bases of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and clandestine oil cartels operate from here. Last month, oil tanker of the United Arab Emirates was hijacked and brought to this very Island. It is also being said that Iran will be handing over this Island to China in as a part of the $400 billion cooperation. In this scenario, the explosion on this Island, is being viewed with suspicion.

fires and blasts

Since the last week of June, a series of suspicious fires and blasts have been reported from Iran. It is also being said that the suspicious fire at the Natanz nuclear project, has set the Iranian nuclear program back, by 2 years. Some of the media had claimed that Israel was involved in these suspicious fire and blast incidents at the Iranian military and civilian locations. But it is also being claimed that the Iranian regime is delaying in revealing the information regarding these incidents. Therefore, the mystery around these incidents is deepening further.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a Stun Grenade attack was carried out on four policemen in the Zahedan city of Iran. All the four policemen were injured in the attack and were admitted to the hospital. No organisation has accepted the responsibility of the attack.

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