Sudden announcement of US Vice-President’s Turkey visit

Sudden announcement of US Vice-President’s Turkey visit

Washington : President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, initiated to improve the relations between Turkey and Russia by going on Russia visit where he met Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has also expressed his willingness to be a part of Russia’s campaign against ISIS in Syria. Post this cooperation between Turkey and Russia, US has increased its diplomacy and accordingly Vice President Joe Biden would be undertaking an ‘emergency’ tour of Turkey tour.

US media has reported of US President Barack Obama deciding to send Vice President Biden to Turkey in order to improve the relationship with Turkey, a member country of NATO. On August 24, Biden will reach Turkey and meet President Erdogan. US Secretary of State, John Kerry was scheduled for Turkey tour by end of this month. However, US Vice President will be undertaking his Turkey tour even prior to it. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Defense Staff General Dunford too had toured Turkey last week.

Relations between Turkey and US have deteriorated after rebellion in Turkey Army that happened on July 15. Turkey has accused that this rebellion was master-minded by an anti-Erdogan leader ‘Fethullah Gulen’ who is under self-imposed exile in the US. Turkey has been demanding Gulen’s extradite from the US. Turkish President Erdogan had criticized US for sheltering criminals of Turkey.  As US denied extradition of Gulen, Turkey blamed US for supporting rebellion in Turkey. At the same time, Turkey had warned of serious repercussions on this decision of the US.

US too had criticized actions taken by Erdogan government against rebels, their supporters and the suspects. US and Turkey relations had further deteriorated when NATO chief warned Turkey of expulsion from NATO for allegations against the US. At this same time, Turkey initiated to improve relations with Russia. Last week President Erdogan went on Russia tour. This has increased the importance of Joe Biden’s Turkey tour.

Between,  a US study group has demanded for pulling-out nuclear bombs from US’s Incirlik Airforce base in Turkey. The Group has pointed out at the conflicts in Syria and possibility of another rebellion in Turkey. The same Group has warned that it would be dangerous to maintain 50 nuclear bombs at Incirlik airbase considering the current situation in Turkey.

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