US allies in conflict with each other in Northern Syria

syria_turkey_kurdsDamascus/Istanbul : The military operations started by Turkey in Northern Syria last week, have resulted in severe consequences. The Turkish army has launched offensives against ‘Islamic State’ (‘IS’) and the Kurdish groups at the same time and the Turkey-backed rebels’ groups have started attacks against the Syrian army. A Turkish soldier is said to have been killed in the Northern Syria conflict.

Last Wednesday, Turkey’s ‘special forces’ comprising of military troops, tanks and artillery were sent to Syria. President Erdogan had vehemently defended this offensive.

Erdogan had claimed that ‘IS’ and the Kurdish rebels’ groups pose a threat to the security of the Turkey. Because the epicenter of these terrorist organisations is in Syria, it has become necessary for Turkey to launch this operation.’ Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu had warned that the operation commenced from Jarabulus would be extended up to Aleppo.

Following this, Turkey has initiated heavy airstrikes in northern Syria while Turkey-backed rebels’ groups have stepped up ground attacks.

On Saturday, Turkey increased its operations in the areas under control of the Kurds. Turkey’s air force carried out airstrikes over areas under control of ‘YPG’, a faction of the Kurds. It was informed that more than 30 civilians died in this attack from Turkey.

At present, there are two groups, one led by the US and the other by Russia, participating in the Syrian conflict and both the groups are separately carrying out combat operations against the ISIS. The Kurdish rebel groups, which are in conflict with the Syrian government, have the backing of the US and this group is identified as the main ally of the US. 

Although Turkey is an ally of the US, it strongly opposes the Kurds and Turkey has announced that Kurds’ organisation is a terrorist outfit.

This is the reason for Turkey, while fighting the ‘ISIS’, has also started combat operations against the Kurds. This operation may well lead to a bitter conflict between the two factions who are in fact, allies of the US. An information has come to the fore that the Turkish army and the organisations backed by it, are trying very hard to wrest control of Manbij, which is at present controlled by the Kurds.

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