India-Vietnam strategic partnership will grow stronger: MEA S Jaishankar

New Delhi: While China is trying to create unrest with the help of the neighbouring countries, India is making extensive efforts to strengthen up the ties with the nations that are geographically closer to China. Indian Minister for External Affairs, S Jaishankar, promised to strengthen strategic partnership with Vietnam, as he congratulated it on the occasion of National Day. This country shares a stressful relation with China. Last week, the India-Vietnam Joint Commission meeting took place where Foreign Minister S Jaishankar invited Vietnam to be a part of the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative.   

Jammu-Kashmir-2Tension is mounting over the Indo-China border due to the Chinese activities. Moreover, not only has India befittingly retaliated and shocked China on a military level, but it has also maintained a firm ground against China on a political and economic level. Besides, India is continuously in touch with its close allies. It is also making extensive efforts to strengthen its cooperative bond with the Southeast Asian countries to increase pressure on China. The best wishes to Vietnam and the statement regarding Indo-Vietnam of cooperation by the Indian Foreign Minister seem to be the part of the same plan.    

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar tweeted, ‘On the 75th National Day of Vietnam, felicitations to my colleague Phạm Bình Minh (@FMPhamBinhMinh) and the Government and people of Vietnam. Confident that our Comprehensive Strategic Partnership will grow from strength to strength.’ Over the last few years, India has signed a deal with Vietnam of fuel excavation in the maritime region and has agreed to provide defence cooperation. Moreover, India provided financial aid worth USD 60 crores to Vietnam for this.    

Against the background of Covid pandemic, the ruling Chinese regime has initiated aggressive movements to fulfil its hegemonic ambitions. The activities in the South China Sea, Taiwan and Vietnamese regions are a part of the same plan. Furthermore, the world’s prime economies alongside the US and India are taking essential steps to counter Chinese aggression. These nations include the Southeast Asian countries. Also, the Indian decision to strengthen its ties with Vietnam seems to be part of the same plan. Against the background of rising India-Vietnam cooperation, a few days ago, the press claimed that these two nations would be recognised as the ‘Aryan Brothers’ in the Asian continent.   

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