India can be coerced from China alongside Nepal and Pakistan, threatens Chinese Communist mouthpiece

Beijing: China, who claims to possess supreme military strength than that of India, is now speaking of putting pressure on India via the Pakistan and Nepal borders. The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times further claims that if India escalates border tensions, it could face military pressure from three borders, which include Chinese allies, Nepal and Pakistan, and this is far beyond the military capability of India. Moreover, the mouthpiece also said that India is taking actions against China due to the incitement by the United States. It further advised that India must stop the campaign to boycott Chinese products if the border conflict escalates further.

India, China, Global Times

India has outraged after 20 Indian army soldiers got martyred in a skirmish at the Galwan Valley. Besides, China realises the effects of the same now. Hence, the Chinese Communist mouthpiece has continued its saga of warning and threatening India time and again. On the one hand, in its article, Global Times has claimed that the Chinese military strength is superior to India’s by multifold. While, on the other, it has threatened that India can succumb to pressure if attacked by Nepal, Pakistan and China Army altogether. Moreover, the communist mouthpiece also adapted the stance that China has not revealed the number of their dead army soldiers because they do not want to spark conflict among the Chinese civilians.

Alternatively, Global Times has hinted that India, who lost 20 soldiers, should remember this incident to realise China’s strength and leave the Galwan Valley for China. At the same time, the mouthpiece has advised India to not speak of boycotting Chinese products in case the border conflict escalates. The senior military officers and foreign ministers of both nations are making efforts to resolve the border conflict. Besides, the mouthpiece drew attention to this factor and said that China does not want any conflict with India either. However, in its article, the mouthpiece also warned India not to misunderstand China’s patience as its weakness.

The Chinese communist mouthpiece has been spewing venom perpetually ever since China attacked the Indian Galwan valley. Moreover, China is using this mouthpiece as a tool to warn and threaten India. Besides, the Chinese communist regime is trying to increase the pressure on India after its outrage over the Galwan Valley attack. But, the Indian security force, who is fully aware of the Chinese tact and trap has prepared itself efficiently to beat down the Chinese regime. Furthermore, the Indian government has also granted the Indian Army the freedom to retaliate against the Chinese actions as per will. Hence, in future, China will be repaid with gunfire, and this frequent struggle will cease to continue, former Indian military officer expressed faith. Moreover, this article by the Global Times only indicates that until China does not get a befitting response, it will continue to test the patience of India.

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