States granted 167 crore rupees for border area development

New Delhi: A step towards the development of border areas has been initiated under the ‘Border Area Development Programme’. Nine states sharing  international border will benefit from the development work undertaken in this programme. In order to develop the basic amenities necessary for this, the central government has released funds of 167 crore rupees, informed a senior Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) official.

To ensure security at the Indian borders, the need to develop infrastructure in the border areas has been identified. There has been special emphasis on the completion of this development work with the assistance of the states near the border.

border-area-developmentThe tension between India and Pakistan and also India and China is well documented Though apparently, these two nations appear to be trying to improve their relationship with India, they do not miss a single chance to overpower India. Within few hours of development work near its border, Chinahas made provisions to deploy their army at their border. Against this background, development of border areas in 9 states has been initiated. Under ‘BADP’ states have been given funds to develop its infrastructure. Punjab and Rajasthan, who share an international border with Pakistan, will largely benefit from these funds. Along with these, Assam and West Bengal, along the India-Bangladesh border will also benefit.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Home Affairs has given funds to Meghalaya, Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, Sikkim, Tripura, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, and West Bengal. The fully centrally funded BADP programme covers all villages which are located within the 0-10 km of the international border in 17 states.

The schemes under BADP include activities relating to cleanliness, skill development, promotion of sports activities, and promotion of rural tourism, border tourism and protection of heritage sites. Along with this, construction of helipads in remote areas, with no road connectivity, is included. This programme also includes skill development training to farmers for the use of advanced scientific technique in farming.

Rajasthan and Punjab share a border with Pakistan, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Meghalaya share a border with Bangladesh. Along with these Bihar shares a border with Nepal, Sikkim with Nepal and Bhutan, and Himachal Pradesh with China. In the past, the Home Ministry had given 174 crore rupees to six states for development of border areas.

Meanwhile, attempts to improve important roads and railways are going to be made under the Border Area Development Programme and for that 14 railway routes have been selected. It is believed that the proposed development of roads and railways in border areas will prove to be a significant step in increasing the defence preparedness along the borders.

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