South China Sea issue could flare war in region: China’s Vice Foreign Minister

South China SeaWashington : China has expressed a strong opposition to the International court’s verdict on the South China Sea issue. China continues to assert its supremacy over the South China Sea and has retaliated strongly to the verdict. China’s vice minister of foreign affairs, Liu Zhenmin has claimed China’s dominance over the South China Sea and has also cautioned that the South China Sea should not be converted into a war zone. Zhenmin announced that China is going to declare the South China Sea region as the ‘Air Defence Zone’, similar to that of ‘East China Sea’. The Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Cui Tiankai condemned the verdict of the International court and has alleged that this judgement would trigger off a war in the South China Sea. 

china-sea-zhenmin-liuZhenmin stated that China accepts peace, friendship and co-operation, but at the same time no one should challenge its dominance over the South China Sea. He added that the verdict would be responsible to spark off a combat in the South China Sea. Zhenmin further said that in order to avoid the trespassing of foreign planes in the South China Sea region, China is going to declare it as its ‘Air Defence Zone. He also emphasized that only China is authorised to form an air defence zone over the South China Sea. 

China had established a similar ‘Air Defence Zone’ earlier in 2013. Back then, China had then taken this decision owing to its conflict with Japan and Taiwan over the Senkaku Island. This decision of China had been opposed by Japan, Taiwan and other member countries like America, South Korea and Australia. 

Earlier this month, the Japanese media had published a news stating that China is about to build an Air Defence Zone over the South China Sea. China was at that time very tight lipped over this issue. It was only after the current declaration of the International court, that Zhenmin made this sensational statement. 

Mr. Cui TiankaiThe Chinese diplomat to the United States, Cui Tiankai has said that the statement made by Zhenmin, has threatened America and other member nations. Tiankai further added that the conflict between China and other countries, in response to the verdict of the International court, would spark off any time now. He has also held the US responsible for the increased tension in the South China Sea region. 

Since much before the declaration of the ‘Hague’ tribunal of the International court; the leading Chinese newspapers have been supporting the Chinese government. They have now started holding the Western countries responsible for the conflicts over South China Sea. The ‘People’s Daily’ had reported that China would take necessary steps to establish its dominance and also will be looking forward to securing its interests in South China Sea. 

China has deployed anti-jet guns in its naval fleet in order to secure its maritime boundaries, and display its strength in the South China Sea. Immediately after the verdict of the International court, China included its destroyer ‘Yinchuan’ in the South China Sea’s Naval Fleet. The deployment of this destroyer equipment by China, is being viewed as a dangerous signal that China has given to its opposition. 

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