China blames Japan and Phillippines for South China Sea verdict of Hague court


china-sea-zhenmin-liu-China has blamed Japan for stage-managing the adverse South China Sea Award by the Hague Tribunal. The Japanese judge who oversaw the formation of the Tribunal has been accused by Beijing of bias. China has cast serious aspersions on the fairness of the Tribunal.

A Chinese Deputy Minister Liu Zhenmin blamed Philippines for provoking the issue by going to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague. This too at a time, when China had indicated its willingness to enter into bilateral talks to help resolve the dispute. Even now it is not too late, if Philippines is ready to ignore the judgement of the International Court, China is ready to talk, he said.

But he also said that whatever happens China will not change its stand on the South China Sea issue. Invoking a reaction from Philippines that in such a case nothing significant will be achieved in talks with China.

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