Seven rocket attacks on US base in Iraq

Baghdad: 7 rocket attacks were carried out on the US airbase on the Tigris river banks in Iraq. The United States said that the attacks caused no damage. The US military avoided accusing anyone of the attacks. Since the last month, there has been an increase in the US military and air force bases’ attacks. It is claimed that Iran affiliated terrorist organisations are responsible for these attacks.


Seven rocket attacks on US base in IraqAs per the information revealed by Colonel Wayne Marotto, the Global Coalition spokesperson launched rocket attacks on the Al Balad Air force base of the United States on Monday evening. Five out of the Seven rockets launched from the adjoining Diyala province landed at the airbase. Two rockets landed in civilian settlements.

Before this, in 2020, Iran had launched attacks on the Al Balad airbase. A year ago, the United States killed General Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian QUDS Forces Chief, in a drone attack. Iran had showered rockets on the airbase to avenge the killing. Colonel Marotto informed that although the Al Balad airbase is under US control, there are no US or western military personnel there.Seven rocket attacks on US base in Iraq

Only contractors and employees of private US companies were living there. Marotto informed that there were no casualties or loss of property in the attacks. No organisation has accepted responsibility for the attacks till now. Generally, Iran affiliated terrorist groups or IS terrorists accept the responsibility of the attacks on the US military of airbases or embassies. But no organisation has accepted responsibility for the three attacks carried out in the last month.

Last month, the United States launched airstrikes on the bases of Iran affiliated groups in Syria. Thereafter, on the 3rd of March, terrorists attacked the Al Assad airbase in Iraq. An American contractor had been killed in this attack. John Kirby, the spokesman of Pentagon, the US military headquarters, had said that the armed Shiite terrorist organisation was responsible for the attack. But he had avoided a direct mention of Iran. Thereafter, criticism was made that the Biden administration was giving a clean chit to Iran regarding Iraq’s attacks.Seven rocket attacks on US base in Iraq

Iran and its affiliate groups are demanding a complete US military withdrawal from Iraq. The political parties supported by Iran presented a proposal to this effect in the Iraqi parliament. Iranian military officials threatened that there would be dire consequences if the United States did not withdraw its military from Iraq. There are 2,500 US soldiers in Iraq.

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