Saudi suicide attacks: 12 Pakistani nationals arrested

saudi-blast-suspects-ArabNeRiyadh: 12 Pakistani nationals were among the 19 arrested over the serial terror attacks that rocked not just Saudi Arabia but all the Gulf countries. Saudi security agencies inform that the suicide bomber involved in the blast near the holy site in Medina too has been identified.

Monday last witnessed suicide attacks in the three Saudi cities of Jeddah, Medina and Qatif. The arrests of suspects made over the four days that followed include 12 Pakistani nationals apart from the remaining 7 who are Saudi nationals. All arrested are being questioned and details of the attacks are expected shortly.

Meanwhile information about the terrorists involved in the suicide attacks has also come to the fore. The suicide bomber responsible for the attack outside the American embassy was a Pakistani national, as revealed by Saudi security agencies.

The perpetrator of the blast near the Medina holy site was a Saudi national named ‘Naer Moslem Hammad’ and had a history of drug abuse, state the Security agencies.

Saudi Medina BlastsThe three terrorists, who carried out the attack near the mosque at Qatif in eastern Saudi Arabia, were Abdulrehman al-Omar, Ibrahim al-Omar and Abdulkarim al-Husni. As for the nationality of these three, no clear information is available yet. Moreover no terrorist outfit has come forward to claim responsibility of the acts.

Reacting to the arrests of the 12 Pakistani nationals over the terror attacks in Saudi, the Pakistani media claim that the perpetrator of the attack outside the American embassy was not a Pakistani national at all whereas some analysts state that the charges against the 12 Pakistani nationals arrested, have not been proved yet. Some others are of the opinion that this is part of an international conspiracy to malign Pakistan.

Assuring that strict action would be taken against the terrorists, King Salman of Saudi Arabia has at the same time, appealed to the international community for co-operation in the matter.