Saudi and UAE declare Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation 

Dubai/Doha: – The Saudi Arabian religious organisation has declared that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organisation. Whereas, the Fatwah Council of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has supported Saudi Arabia’s decision and given a message to keep a distance from the Muslim Brotherhood, who are inciting terrorist activities. The International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) from Doha has criticised the decision taken by Saudi Arabia and UAE and has accused that this is a politically motivated decision. Council of Senior Scholars (CSS), the Saudi Arabian organisation responsible for taking important religious decisions in Saudi Arabia, made an important announcement a few days ago. The CSS Chief and the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, announced, ‘Muslim Brotherhood is a strayed group having no connection with Islam’. Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz criticised, ‘Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda poison the minds of the youth, overstep the limits and extort money. All those who have joined these organisations have digressed from the righteous path and have committed a blunder.’   

Following this, the CSS announced Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation in the next few hours. CSS accused that the Muslim Brotherhood incites people to revolt against the governments of the concerned countries, creating instability by perpetrating violence. CSS noted that this organisation has nothing to do with the religion, and the sole objective is acquiring power in the concerned countries. Going further, the Saudi foreign ministry posted the CSS appeal on social media. UAE welcomed Saudi Arabia’s stand.   

The UAE religious group also, like Saudi Arabia, said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organisation. The UAE Fatwah Council clarified that the Muslim Brotherhood’s support for the terrorist organisations and the disputable position of the organisation is enough to declare this organisation as a terrorist organisation. The Fatwah Council also warned that the people of UAE should maintain a distance and not keep any connections with the Muslim Brotherhood. Israel too welcomed Saudi Arabia’s decision to include the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terrorist organisations. Before this, in 2014, Saudi Arabia had included the Muslim Brotherhood in the blacklist.   

Qatar-based IUMS criticised the decision announced by Saudi Arabia and UAE. IUMS criticised that this decision is only to malign the image of the organisation. At the same time, IUMS claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood is in no way connected with terrorism, and there is no evidence to prove any links. IUMS is considered to be an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. The IUMS analysts have justified the suicide attacks launched by the Muslim Brotherhood in the past. Saudi, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have declared even the IUMS as a terrorist organisation.   

Muslim Brotherhood  

In 1928, Hasan al-Banna, established the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as a religious, political and social movement of the Islamic people. Although the organisation has its greatest influence in Egypt over the last nine decades, the organisation has spread its wings even to the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin American countries along with the Arab-Gulf countries. Muslim Brotherhood came to power in the 2011 elections in Egypt, and Mohammed Morsi was elected as the President. After that, the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi regime were pulled down within a year with a coup by the Egyptian military. This organisation speaking about the destruction of Israel has openly supported suicide attacks.  

A supporter of this organisation had made an inciting statement that attacks on Egypt and western countries should be carried out, using the Coronavirus, which is a major problem faced by the world today. French analysts and journalists had warned, around a year ago, that this organisation is trying to create a divide in France. The international analysts had warned that not only in France, but the organisation is also trying to establish Khilafat in entire Europe.   

Meanwhile, Russia has already declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation. Whereas, Donald Trump announced the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation after taking over as the US President. Before this, the United States had not taken action against the Muslim Brotherhood. Ahmed Mussa, the anchor of an Egyptian news channel, had accused that senior US Senator John McCain is the godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood.   

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