Russian President’s claims about missile attacks ridiculous: Former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice

Washington: Russian President Vladimir Putin had issued a warning to the United States with the claim that no country will be safe from the Russian missile attacks. Former Secretary of the US Department of State, Condoleezza Rice has reacted to this. Reminding that the Russian missiles could reach the United States even in 1980, Rice clarified that there is no new threat from Russia to the United States. Rice scoffed at President Putin saying that the claims made by President Putin are ridiculous.

russia, vladimir putin, missile, Rice clarified that there is nothing new in the Russian threats, while talking in an interview to a news channel. Rice also alleged that President Putin has preconceived biases about the US missile preparedness.

Rice criticised the Russian leadership of animosity towards the US saying, “United States has already declared that their anti-missile systems deployed in Europe or any other countries are not for Russian missiles. The United States has clarified that the missile systems are deployed for the Iranian and North Korean missiles. When I was the Secretary, I have explained this stand of the United States to President Putin.”

Former Secretary Rice also supported the United States’ sanctions against Russia. She expressed her expectations saying, “The sanctions against Putin and his close confidants are proving effective. The sanctions are necessary to isolate Putin’s close associates. But this should not have its effects on the Russian youth who are trying to establish relations with the western countries.” Rice said that at the same time the US sanctions are proving effective and claimed that they have shocked Putin and his confidants.

A few hours ago, the US has extended the period for sanctions against Russia. These sanctions are targeted towards 21 people and nine companies connected with Putin. However, Russia had criticised the US sanctions.

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