Russia orders readying of ‘Doomsday Plane’ for the Third World War

Russian-President-Vladimir-PutinMoscow (News Agency) : Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered its defense forces to be alert and has fully equipped the ultra-advanced command and control aircraft ‘Ilyushin IL-80’ which has an immense capacity of providing counter-attack signal and other relevant information even after the destruction of ground military bases. It is being said that President Putin’s orders can be interpreted as Russia’s preparations for a nuclear war. Recently Russian President warned Turkey to of grave consequences for shooting down a Russian fighter jet. Based on the background, preparations for nuclear war have been initiated by Russia which clearly depicts that the Third World War has ignited.


Apart from Russia, only United States possesses ultra-advanced aircraft with capabilities equivalent to ‘Ilyushin IL-80’. This aircraft is called the ‘Doomsday Plane’ as it provides airborne command and control capabilities to be used in case of global disaster like nuclear war. ‘IL-80’ aircraft can be used even after military bases, soldiers and commanders are decease in a nuclear strike or other lethal attacks. This aircraft is said to be an independent base, capable of controlling and directing the defense operations. This aircraft is equipped with modern technology capable of sending counter-attack signal and other necessary commands to the military, navy and air force. It is extremely difficult to track such an aircraft hence ‘IL-80’ proves to be an unbeatable mechanism as claimed Aleksandr Komyakov, Russia’s lead researcher in building the ‘Ilyushin IL-80’ advanced aircraft.

Russia has completed the tests on this aircraft and very soon it will be commissioned into the defense force. However President Putin has issued urgent orders to keep ‘IL-80’ ready within coming two weeks. President Putin had warned Turkey that it will have to bear long-term consequences for having shot down Russian aircraft which was carrying air-raids on bases of ISIS in Syria. Subsequently Russia is preparing to retaliate back strongly against Turkey. Looking at the activities of Russian military, any moment Turkey will have to face an attack by Russia. Turkey is a member nation of NATO, a US-led military alliance. A attack on a NATO member nation is considered as an attack all the other member nations by NATO. Hence if Russia attacks Turkey in any way then United States along with all other NATO member nations will unite to wage war against Russia.

The current conflict with Turkey can easily escalate into the ‘Third World War‘ and the use of mass destruction nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out. It is evident that Russian President is getting the nation ready for a nuclear war after having ordered ‘IL-80’ to be kept ready to face such terrible situations. Russia has immense stockpile of nuclear weapons and has recently showcased the capacity of having nuclear weapons that can overpower even the American nuclear weapon intercepting devices. Russia warned that in the event of a nuclear attack against Russia, its nuclear arms can retaliate back equally or more intensely. With the help of advanced technology such as ‘IL-80’, Russia can carry out a nuclear attack without anyone being able to stop them.

Former US Defense Secretary William Perry had expressed fear that the inappropriate policies adopted by US could ignite a nuclear war between United States and Russia in near future. Former United States Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts has also accused US to have prepared for nuclear war against Russia as well as China. United States Member of Congress Tulsi Gabbard while commenting on the policies of President Obama pertaining to ISIS has warned of triggering a nuclear war between US and Russia.

It is getting evident the orders by Russian President Putin of keeping ‘IL-80’ ready, to be a terrible possibility of the Third World War turning into reality.

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