Russia should not use Nord Stream 2 as a strategic weapon, warns Germany

Kyiv/Moscow – Germany has warned that Russia should not use the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline through the Baltic Sea as a strategic weapon to meet its geopolitical objectives. German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently visited both Russia and Ukraine. During her visit to Ukraine, Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky described the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline as a dangerous geopolitical weapon. Against this backdrop, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned Russia while reassuring Ukraine.


Germany, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Fuel pipeline, Baltic Sea, Angela Merkel, UkraineAgainst the background of the escalating conflict with Ukraine, after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia began to look for alternative ways to supply fuel to Europe. It was decided to build the Nord Stream fuel pipeline. The first phase has been completed, and the ambitious Nord Stream 2 between Russia and Germany is in its final stages. It is being said that all work on the pipeline could be completed by the end of this month or next month.

Former US President Donald Trump had taken an aggressive stance against the fuel pipeline and had imposed sanctions. But since the change of guard in the United States, both Russia and Germany have moved swiftly to complete the project. Although the US leadership has maintained a few restrictions, the project has been approved. Last month, the United States and Germany announced an agreement on the issue.

Russia supplies about 40% of the natural gas required by the European Union. Russia has built a fuel pipeline through Ukraine, which is Ukraine’s primary source of income. However, the activation of the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline will cost Ukraine around USD 1.5 billion a year. At the same time, the Russian share in the supply of fuel to Europe will increase. The Ukrainian Prime Minister claimed that Russia would use this to increase pressure on Europe.

Germany, Nord Stream 2, Russia, Fuel pipeline, Baltic Sea, Angela Merkel, UkraineWhile making this claim, Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky warned that the Nord Stream 2 would become the most dangerous geopolitical weapon in Russian hands. Speaking on the issue presented by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reprimanded Russia not to use it in this way. Merkel warned that Russia would again face harsh sanctions if the Nord Stream 2 were used as a weapon. This is also mentioned in the agreement reached between the United States and Germany, Merkel pointed out.

Meanwhile, the United States, last week, reportedly imposed sanctions on two Russian companies linked to the Nord Stream 2 fuel pipeline. These companies are called Nobility and Constanta.

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