Russia-Pakistan come closer, high-level security discussions have been completed

Moscow/Islamabad: Russia and Pakistan held high level defence related discussions for the very first time. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor, Nasir Khan Janjua was in Russia for these discussions. The discussions included exchanges in the fields of space, nuclear power, cyber and confidential information. Only a few days ago, the Pakistani Defence Minister, Khurram Dastgir had said that direct talks have been initiated with Russia for the purchase of fighter jets, tanks and other defence equipment. It seems that the enemy nations during the cold war have now started cooperating with each other.

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Discussions were held between Pakistan’s National Security Advisor, Nasir Khan Janjua and his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Patrushev on Monday. A high-level delegation also was on a Russian visit along with Janjua. The supply of defence equipment was a topic in these discussions. This developing cooperation between these two countries is claimed to be a challenge for India. Russia is the biggest and a reliable supplier of defence equipment to India, but in line with the changing world scenario, the increased Indian cooperation with the United States seems to have prompted Russia to make major changes in its stand.

Russia has started preparations to supply defence equipment to Pakistan since the last few years. This cooperation will be limited insofar as to issue a warning to India. As per experts’ opinion, Russia will not antagonise India beyond a certain limit. But the Russian cooperation with China and Pakistan is a cause of worry for India. However, this cooperation is not against India. Russia has clarified that Pakistan is asking for Russian cooperation against the ‘IS’ in Afghanistan.

During the cold war days, United States supported Pakistan, while Russia supported India. Now the situation has reversed and Russia seems to be taking steps in a direction favourable to Pakistan.

Although, superficially this appears to be a bilateral cooperation, Russia seems to be trying to exert pressure on India through these movements. However, India has time and again assured Russia and has consistently guaranteed that no other country can replace Russia. Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Lovrov has met Pakistani Foreign Minister, Khwaja Asif and Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir in Beijing against the backdrop of the defence related discussions between Russian and Pakistan in Moscow.


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