Russia in connivance with Israel; allege Syrian officials

Third World WarDamascus: The repercussions of the Israeli attack, on the Iranian military base in Syria, are being felt. A senior Syrian official raised a question, as to why didn’t the Russian S-300 air defence system, deployed near the Masyaf military base retaliate, when the Israeli fighter jets were attacking the military base. This officer levelled a serious accusation against Russia, saying that the system did not retaliate, as Russia is acting in connivance with Israel.

Syria accused that Israeli fighter jets carried out an airstrike, at the Masyaf military base, in the Hama Province of Syria, a week ago. The military base and missile manufacturing centre, built by Iran at the Masyaf military base, were destroyed in the attack. At the same time, the Syrian rebels claimed that Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers, present at the base, were also killed in the attack. Reports of Israel using the supersonic Rampage missile, capable of dodging the S-300 missile defence system, were also published.

But the Syrian government had dismissed these claims. The Syrian government claimed that there were no major losses suffered in the Israeli attack. But the accusations made by the Syrian officials indicate that there were major losses in the Israeli attack on Masyaf base. A Syrian official levelled an accusation on condition of anonymity ‘It is accepted that Israel has the best military intelligence agency. At the same time, the US intelligence agencies also are helping Israel. Moreover, the Russian military deployed in Syria is also assisting Israel.

The Syrian official claimed that the Russian S-300 air defence system was unsuccessful in neutralising the Israeli missiles, despite being deployed close to the Masyaf military base. The official claimed that Israel carried out this attack, as it was aware that the S-300 deployed there, was not operational.

The official accused ‘Although Russia has said that the Israeli attacks in Syria are not acceptable, it has entered into an agreement with the Netanyahu government in Israel, that it will not take any action to stop the attacks. The Syrian media, even in the past had accused Russia of inaction against the Israeli attacks.

Meanwhile, since the last four years, Russia has been involved in the Syrian conflict and Assad could gain a grip on Syria, only because of the Russian military actions. The accusations levelled by the Syrian official clearly show that while supporting the Assad government, Russia is not willing to take the enmity of neighbouring Israel.

Russia had lost an aircraft, in one of the Israeli attacks. Tension had been created between Russia and Israel over the incident. But the tension was diffused through negotiations, and it has already become clear that Russia is avoiding to take an aggressive stance, against the Israeli attacks.

Iran supporter soldiers clash with Russian militar

11 people were killed in a clash between the Iran supporter soldiers and the Russian military, in the Aleppo region of Syria. This is the first instance of a conflict, between these two countries, supporting the Assad government in Syria.

Syrian news agency published this news of 11 people having been killed, which was endorsed by the Russian military sources. This conflict was sparked in the Khalidia market area, in Aleppo. It is claimed that the Iran supporter soldiers even used surface-to-air missiles during the clash. The differences between Iran and Russia over the Syria issues have been exposed, even in the past.


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